POLARIS GALLERY - the art stage Polaris 1752-10, Dai, Kamakura-city, Kanagawa pref., JAPAN 247-0061 . Owner Director Muneharu Tokura
Su Grierson a solo exhibition at Polaris gallery in conjunction with the Echo artists group project 'Greening' which included forest walks with local ecological groups and a sound workshop held in the gallery.

The work installed at Polaris is about two worlds, the real and the unreal, the natural order on one hand and the human desire for a perfect world dictated by our own need for order , simplicity and beauty on the other. I am making work that explores the borderlines and interactions between the two.

I believe that in order to know the natural world better and to care for it more correctly we need to see it as it is, and not just how we want it to be.


By fixing fine translucent vinyl designs on to the window glass I am creating a screen of pattern that can be looked through to become visually combined with the real and untidy plant life outside. Utilising the very specific world of reflections, and shadows that the architecture provides, the artificial design and the outside vegetation merge to create new and always changing visual effects according to the movement of the sun. Our perceptions of these two worlds changes according to our position, our mental and physical focus and the external conditions.


I have copied the basic leaf patterns from household fabric where each leaf was identical,. I made the ceramic leaves by hand introducing difference and variety as one would see in the natural order. They are placed outside beneath a tree to link these two worlds together.


A length of commercial manufactured fabric covered with ‘perfect’ magnolia blossoms like those in flower near Polaris.. has been deconstructed , cut, and over-sewn to suggest the natural actions of collapse, decay and free growth. It falls down the stairwell between the upper and lower spaces. Through the action of complex reflections the pink leaves appear to lie beneath real trees outside.


The digital Lambda prints shown on the natural Japanese clay walls of the lower gallery, were created by a collage process layering pattern and photographic images of ‘real’ landscape.

The sounds of a country walk have been compressed and overlapped to become a short sound track which is looped and plays surreptitiously in the lower gallery.

Su Grierson


On the pathways leading up to Polaris I have 'planted' ten botanical labels which contain - not the expected botanical information ,- but rather a series of short sentences printed in Japanese, relating to the fact of the viewer being there in that place and responding to the natural surroundings. Subverting the expected order between viewer as observer to the experience of looking.

Prints in the second floor meeting room. include the Barcode series of Giclee prints..